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Anthony Grey,  is now best known for his international best selling novels SAIGON, PEKING and TOKYO BAY

However he attracted worldwide headlines for the first time in the late 1960s at the age of 29 -- through no fault or merit of his own -- when he was taken hostage by Mao Tse-tung's Red Guards at the height of the chaotic Cultural Revolution, in which three million people are believed to have died.  He thus became arguably the first international hostage of the modern era.  Correspondent for Reuters news agency and the only British journalist accredited to China at the time, he was held for two harsh years in solitary confinement in slogan-daubed rooms of a house beside the moated Forbidden City of China's emperors.  This was in retaliation for the imprisonment by the British authorities in Hong Kong of Chinese Communist newsmen arrested in rioting.  After his release he was awarded the O.B.E for services to journalism and made UK Journalist of the Year in the annual IPC awards.

Since then:

  • His first non-fiction book Hostage in Peking was a best seller in the USA, UK and five other countries
  • In the 1980s after writing three successful espionage thrillers, he found new success as an international best-selling author of the historical novels Saigon, Peking and Tokyo Bay
  • Estimated USA and worldwide sales of his books stand at 2.5 million in 17 languages
  • He also became a radio and television broadcaster, writing and presenting television documentary films for BBC, ITV and Channel 4
  • For six years he broadcast daily from London as a BBC World Service news and current affairs radio presenter on the programme Twenty Four Hours
  • He made worldwide headlines again in mid-1980s as an investigative non-fiction author - publishing a sensational, exclusive book explaining that Harold Holt, Australia's seventeenth prime minister, disappeared without trace in 1967 because he had been spying for China.
  • For 18 years until 2016 he was an independent publisher, selling worldwide through his Tagman Press imprint, books and audio-visiual products which challenge convention in the fields of health, science and spirituality. In 2013 he published, through Tagman Press, a paperback edition of his first new book for over a decade. THE HOSTAGE HANDBOOK. Previously published in hard cover in 2010, the book contains highly charged verbatim transcripts -- alongside present day Reflections -- of the secret shorthand diaries which he successfully kept hidden from his guards during his two years solitary in China.  In a new Conclusion he says he now regards the whole experience as " a delayed action privilege" which positively reshaped the whole course of his life and "triggered a lifelong search for significant truths deeper that those which make daily news headlines."

Anthony Grey O.B.E

Headline in National Paper
after his return from China

The Hostage Handbook published in 2013