To date he has made keynote addresses on four continents, Venues include;

  • Australia  -- Melbourne Press Club
  • Asia -- Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents Club
  • North America -- Toronto University, and the Ryerson School of Journalism, Montreal
  • UK -- Many venues in the UK, including a special formal address in York at the invitation of that ancient city's Lord Mayor and another to soldiers under training at the Hereford, UK headquarters of the SAS Special Forces regiment
  • Trans-Atlantic -- special guest lecturer on the cruise liner QE2 during Atlantic crossings both ways between Southampton and New York.


  • He filed a Reuters world exclusive from East Berlin in 1966 of Moscow's ploy to negotiate an exchange of the British-held atom spies Peter & Helen Kroger for detained Briton Gerald Brooke. The exchange was duly completed three years later in 1969, just before Anthony Grey's own release by the Chinese.
  • On his first day in China whilst travelling to Peking to take up his post, he filed an exclusive story from Canton on the People's Liberation Army takeover from warring Red Guards and workers factions in the trouble Kwantung Province that borders Hong Kong.
  • In 1998 he took the first Western television crew into Dien Bien Phu since the beleaguered French garrison was defeated there by the Vietnamese in 1954 to end French colonial rule in Indo China.  Then in Hanoi he obtained the first exclusive filmed interview by a Western journalist with the legendary victor of Dien Bien Phu, General Vo Nguyen Giap
  • In Peking in 1988 he obtained the first ever filmed TV interview with the celebrated Long March general and defence minister Hsiao Ke.