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Tokyo Bay

The Hostage Handbook

(available through Fountain Books)

One Pair of Eyes  (BBC TV)
The Lure of the Dolphin (ATV - 1976)

  1. Witness of the Long March (Channel 4 - 1987)
  2. Return to Peking (BBC TV - 1988)
  3. Return to Saigon (BBC TV - 1988)

Radio Documentary  Series - available on CD
UFOS -Fact- Fiction or Fantasy? (BBC World Service - 1995/6)

Radio Play - available on CD
Himself (BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Theatre 1974)



'One of the most memorable love stories of our time ... with this novel Anthony Grey establishes himself as one of the finest storytellers plying his trade today - it's a book which no doubt will stand the test of time'
West Coast Review of Books, California USA

'By using a technique of historical progression, Anthony Grey does for the Vietnam Wars what Leo Tolstoy did for the Napoleonic Wars... Indeed this master work could well be called the War and Peace of our age'
San Francisco Chronicle

'He is a virtuoso of the epic novel genre.  Like James Michener and James Clavell. Mr Grey is a master storyteller, Unlike them, however, he has something pertinent to say and does so in distinguished fashion- Saigon is a novel of terrible importance.'
Kansas City Star


'Magnificent epic novel on modern China.  the book is worth reading solely as a factual reminder of the chaos and calamity of China as a quarter of the world's people struggled and suffered towards modernity in the stormy and cruel decades between 1920 and 1980'
Toronto Star

'A moving, authentic, tautly written saga of 40 years of blood, sweat and tears... Conveys brilliantly the workings of the Chinese Communist system in its dealings with foreigners and dissidents'
Los Angeles Times

'Grey , a superbly accomplished writer, weaves a masterly tale of triumph and tragedy... Marvellous detail, erudite, imaginative and instructive sequel to his best-selling Saigon'
Western Australian, Perth


'How a man can survive in a state of stunning emptiness and isolation, how to stay alive in spirit as well as physically, is the essence of this exceptionally fine and memorable book... a singular triumph of mind, one not to be missed.'
Roy Perrott, the Observer, London

'It is a graphic and moving tribute to the survival of the human spirit under the most inhumane conditions.'
Alf McCreary, Belfast Telegraph

'His book has turned out to be remarkable and readable. It is the story of one human being. That in itself makes it important but it also pleads the cause of liberty and human dignity.'
Karl Grobe, The Frankfurt Literatur Rundschau